Are developmental traumas capable of making someone feel helpless?

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A person may generally have a tendency to feel powerless, which will probably make it difficult for them to have a satisfying existence. This essentially means that they won’t feel as though they can take any action to alter their lives.

But given that it can be something that has affected their entire existence, this is likely to demonstrate that it is more than simply a feeling for them. Then, instead of simply feeling helpless, they will actually be helpless.

Moving forward

It is doubtful that they will feel differently if anything does occur, and they will likely go back down again quickly. When that occurs, it could take them some time to get used to how they feel.

The reason for this is that after feeling powerful, they will feel fantastic, and returning to their previous state will be much harder—if only temporarily. They could choose to remain this way as a result.

As An Example

They may be able to ascend, though momentarily, for a number of reasons. These could include being paid, getting noticed, dating, working out, and having sex.

They may frequently attempt to cling onto the experience because how they feel when they encounter one of these items or another will be so dissimilar from how they typically feel. It will be challenging for them to give in to and really accept the experience when this occurs.

Other Components

Since they frequently feel powerless, it is possible that they also frequently feel sad and melancholy. This might be considered as a natural outcome of feeling helpless and that they don’t have much control over their lives.

Their entire body may feel extremely heavy and weighed down while they are experiencing this. It won’t feel like they are at the bottom of a collapsed building since nothing will be above them.

In the past

They could discover that they have been this way for the most of their life if they were to reflect on how long they have been experiencing life in this way. Therefore, they will have been disconnected from their personal strength for as long as they can remember.

They could think that because of the way they were born, this is how they would always be. They will have felt helpless from the beginning as a result of this, and they won’t be able to change their situation.

Outlook only

However, if they sought help, they could have heard that they needed to control their thoughts. The issue will be their “negative” ideas, and once they can switch these out for “positive” thoughts, they will begin to feel differently.

In other words, what is happening to those at the top will be the problem, not what is happening elsewhere. This mind-based strategy could be effective, or it might just be effective temporarily.

An Approach from the Surface

Even if it succeeds, it could just mask what is actually happening for them. This means that their mental and emotional state may have an impact on how they are feeling or what is happening to them on a deeper level.

The issue that they see as a problem is actually a symptom of what is happening to them in their unconscious body and mind. The problem is that the root cause won’t be addressed if one lives in a culture that values the mind and thinks that everyone’s existence begins and ends with their conscious mind.

Going Further

In light of this, it may indicate that a person’s early years were not very nurturing if they have felt powerless for as long as they can remember. They may have been often left when they were infants and subsequently toddlers.

They may have frequently received attentive care when they received attention. They wouldn’t have gotten the emotional nutrition they required to be able to grow and develop properly as a result.

A hostile atmosphere

They would have had to cut themselves off from themselves in order to cope with the anguish they went through. Additionally, their body would have shut down and imploded as a result of this.

Because they were helpless, they would have felt helpless. They would have likely soon perished if their parasympathetic nervous system hadn’t been engaged and they had tried to oppose what was happening. By shutting down and not battling what was happening, they were able to endure a painful period of their lives.

A Mirror of Reality

Without this knowledge, an adult’s feelings might be dismissed as unreasonable and only a reflection of what is going on within their brain. Knowing this makes it obvious that their feelings are entirely justified considering what they went through very early in life.

This demonstrates that the suffering a person goes through as a child doesn’t just go away as they become older. The difficulty is that if individuals live in a culture where their past is not researched and subsequently taken into consideration, their suffering will be disregarded and the cause of their problem or problems won’t be addressed.


If someone can identify with this and is prepared to make changes in their life, they might need to seek out outside assistance. This is something that can be done with a therapist or healer’s help.

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