Be Wary of Your Wishes Because They May Come True!

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Be careful and thoughtful while making wishes because you could realize them and not like the outcomes, repercussions, etc. After delivering countless personal development/self-help seminars, training sessions, meetings, etc. for more than 40 years, I have come to the conclusion that it is crucial to make decisions and plans carefully and wisely, based on what is best for you, your goals, and your personal aspirations, rather than what others may want or desire.

Unfortunately, many people choose to follow what they think is the path of least resistance instead because doing so frequently requires much more time, effort, endurance, persistence, commitment, etc., and involves expanding the boundaries of your personal comfort zone and demanding your highest level of personal excellence instead of just settling for, merely, good enough. In light of this, the essay will make an effort to quickly explore, investigate, review, and debate, using the mnemonic technique, what this means and signifies and why it matters.

1. Character; ease; thought; thoroughness; persuasiveStart the objective, introspective thought process by doing a complete physical examination from the neck up to ascertain your genuine character traits. Consider everything, and don’t let your comfort zone prevent you from taking thoughtful, timely action, etc. How important are your wishes to you personally? How inspirational and motivating are they?

2. Attitude, focus, components, and actions:Consistently go forward with a sincere, practical, upbeat, and can-do attitude while paying close attention to all the pertinent details! Be ready to behave wisely sooner rather than later and to take it personally!

3. Consequences; responsive/responsible; realistic; and justificationWhy do you have your justifications and arguments? How sensitive is it to your happiness? Is it responsible in that it takes consequences and eventualities into account? Be realistic but optimistic about your ambitions, and try to avoid seeing the world through rose-colored glasses when you have a good mindset.

4. greatness; enhance; efforts: Avoid thinking that sticking with what has worked in the past is the best course of action. Instead, continuously demand your highest level of sincere, individual greatness. In what ways might your efforts improve your life both now and in the future?

5. Future; fidelity; accept reality; fate:To assure your best future, uphold the greatest standards and ideals and face the truth. Most of the time, you are in control of your destiny!

6. Regular/unusual; helpful; distinct; urgentFully evaluate both the typical and unique alternatives, then choose the best course of action! What is more pressing, and why? What are your special qualities, characteristics, requirements, objectives, priorities, viewpoints, aspirations, and desires, and why?

7. Listen, take notes, and lead:Effectively take notes during every discussion and event to help you learn and improve. These lessons will show you if you are guiding your life in the greatest direction or whether there are more advantageous, workable alternatives and solutions.

Wishing for the best is admirable, but it only truly changes things when/if you are CAUTIOUS about what you want for. It’s up to you whether you want to be your worst enemy or best friend.

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