Fighting broke out between the 4th Brigade and the Cobra Brigade.

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A clash broke out between the 8th Brigade and the 44th Infantry Division under the 44th Brigade of the Terrorist Council of the Karen National Union (KNU) on July 12 (this morning) at around 6:20 am, according to the Cobra Brigade.

The clash took place between the three-story bend on the Myawaddy-Wallay road and between Thayat Ta Pin village. Officers, including the deputy battalion commander; Many soldiers were killed and “the battalion was disbanded”. Damaged Injuries were reported, the statement said.

The Cobra militia said only three soldiers had been wounded in the clashes, and that clearance was still under way.

The confiscated ammunition and ammunition were: RPG Po Yan – 21 rounds; Front mines – 1; Nin Mines – 21; Hand grenades – 17 Scots – 2; Minesweeper – 1; 40 mm – 31 pieces Anonymous 79 – 3 letters. Make-up – 2 bottles Demolition Yan Mae – 7 streams; 60 mm-29 units; Inaga – 22 characters Keypad Phone: 7 Touch screen Phone – 4 Money – 20 lakhs. 5.56 rounds of ammunition – 5,000; Medium rounds – 3,000; MA – 1 – 1 hand; Swords, including a machine gun.Shovels; It is reported that a large amount of military equipment was received.

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