Ode to the Mobile SIM Card

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Ode to the Mobile SIM Card

Oh tiny chip, so sleek and small,
The heart of phones, you rule them all.
A gateway to the world so wide,
In plastic form, you snugly hide.

You hold our numbers, contacts dear,
Connect us far, bring voices near.
A text, a call, a data stream,
You power our digital dream.

From 1G up to 5G fast,
You’ve come so far from the past.
A revolution in a slice,
At speeds that truly do entice.

You swap from phone to phone with ease,
A traveler’s friend, across the seas.
A local number, data plan,
You switch it all, because you can.

In you, our identities dwell,
A story that our phones can tell.
A SIM card locked, a SIM set free,
You’re the key to connectivity.

So here’s to you, oh SIM, so fine,
The unsung hero, by design.
In phones you’ll stay, in pockets ride,
The world connected, side by side.

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