I’m going to take my own advice and let go so that something better can come.

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I recently encountered a situation, which rationally did not seem to be that awful. My loss of a portable digital player was the crisis. Sure, when it is happening, attachment feels like a wonderful thing. when you misplace an item, especially one that is priceless yet replaceable. At the time it occurs, it hurts a bit. I mean, even when you appear to be cool and collected, you might experience very intense feelings.

However, life carries on and always encourages you to move forward. Whether you’re frustrated or not, life continues with or without you.

Although it doesn’t seem fair, does the Bible scripture that states that “to those who have, more will be given and to those who have not, what little they have will be taken away” also seem fair?

However, it must be fair since that is how life should operate rationally, and it exemplifies what I mean by “B.I.B.L.E.”, or Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! Sure, I could make this post less realistic and more “warm and fuzzy,” but would that be doing you a favor? No, I wouldn’t be doing you a true and honest service.

Yes, I could tell you that if you close your eyes, spend some time in prayer, and shift your frequency, everything would be OK, but it would not be honest, and it does not work for me. All I can reasonably provide is my own remedy: work toward improving myself the next time when I have the chance to do so and let go of what was lost. If it is discovered, great; I have nothing against that. Even better would be if it were not found and ended up being replaced, especially with something better. However, attachment is actually the worst thing about life and existence.

For instance, B.B. King understood that while his “Lucille” guitar could be replaced, he could not be replaced as a person. You understand how life functions if you are feeling as though you are thinking what I believe you are thinking from that remark.

Material things can be easily replaced, but the consciousness that created them cannot, as long as you truly exist. I suppose I might be more sympathetic and less pessimistic, but is life worth living when you lose anything “valuable”? In a sense, it’s only that way when you find it or replace it with something greater, but reality bites: Faith without action, consciousness, and conscience behind it is dead. Everything else is lead turning into gold. Whatever the mess appears to be, as long as reality functions and you operate within it, you can do what needs and wants to be accomplished, in that order.

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